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GoHealth to provide medical coverage for travellers during emergencies.

  Admin     Oct 28, 2022

The Gombe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (GoHealth), is set to insure travellers and road commuters in Gombe against accidents and medical emergencies. This was made known in a sensitization visit by a team of GoHealth staff led by the Team Lead of the Agency, Dr. Abubakar Musa.

The Sole Administrator of the Gombe State Transport Service, Alh Usman Kamara revealed that a partnership with GoHealth was imminent so as to reduce the burden of treating accidents and medical emergency cases among commuters on the road, which has caused a huge financial burden on the Company. He also requested that there were several casual staff already working with the company who will like to enroll in the GoHealth scheme.

Responding to the request, Dr. Musa reassured the Management of Gombe Line of the Agency's commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare for all. He thanked the Sole administrator for his deep insight, hailing him as one of the key contributors in the actualization of the GoHealth scheme.

The Team Lead added that GoHealth has a large network base, and is associated with several State Contributory Healthcare Schemes across the country, thus such endeavour is timely, and the Agency will begin to work on modalities for it.

The Agency's Team Lead, also explained the Organized Private Sector programme of the Agency, where the employer and employee both contribute 7% of the gross monthly salary. Thus making them to enjoy seamless healthcare access.

The GoHealth Team presented fliers, posters and other educational materials to the Management of Gombe Line, and assured them of continued cooperation moving forward.