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GoHealth holds Last Providers Forum for the Year 2022

  Admin     Dec 3, 2022

GoHealth holds Last Providers Forum for the Year 2022

...expresses gratitude, ranks Healthcare Providers services as Satisfactory.

The Gombe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (GoHealth), has held its final provider forum for the year 2022.

Bringing goodwill message on behalf of the healthcare providers, Dr. Garba Saidu appreciated GoHealth's commitment to ensuring that Gombe state residents enjoy a seamless and stress free health care which is not only affordable but also accessible. Dr. Garba noted that healthcare is comprehensive, and Gombe is already on it's way to overcoming the difficulty in accessing health services, noting it has reduced the frustrations faced by those who prior had to pay for their medical services at cost. Dr. Garba also challenged the providers to ensure that they are accountable in all their work, because they stand to be beneficiaries of the very precedent they set.

Speaking on behalf of the Third Party Administrators (TPAs) Usman Hassan and Anas Salisu Abdulaziz thanked the Providers for their sacrifices and appreciated them as the backbone of GoHealth operations and also ambassadors of the Agency to the General public.

Thanking the healthcare providers for a productive year, the Agency's Team Lead Dr. Abubakar Musa, reiterated the Agency's commitment to ensuring beneficiaries have the best of care. He noted that the year has not been without it's challenges but he thanked the TPAs and HCPs alike for their resilience and commitment to mitigating these challenges. He noted that there is still room for improvement, even as GoHealth is anticipating more informal sector enrollment and also the onboarding local government employees soon.