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Director ICT, IEC & Marketing Department

Gidado Musa Biri

Director ICT, IEC & Marketing Department

Gidado Musa Biri is a graduate of Computer Science from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. He holds Postgraduate Diploma/Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and National Diploma in Electrical Electronics Engineering Technology and Higher National Diploma in Computer Science from Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. Gidado started his career in private sector (Mono Tech Input Nig.) as an Electrical Technician, later joined public sector (Gombe Media Corporation) for more than a decade. He later joined Gombe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (GoHealth) he was attached to the ICT, IEC and Marketing Department as overseeing Director. Mr, Gidado is a registered member of Computer Professional Council of Nigeria (CPN) and member Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) and currently undergoing research work on COVID-19 Incidence and Response Tracker and Dashboard for Presidential Task force on COVID-19 in collaboration with Nigerian Economic Summit Group to provide real time to Federal and State Governments, private sector, International organizations and other donors that intend to mobilize human and material resources in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria.International organizations and other donors that intend to mobilize human and material resources in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria.International organizations and other donors that intend to mobilize human and material resources in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Dr Abubakar has core competencies of integrity and commitment towards achieving stated objectives, possesses excellent organisational ability, ability to work under pressure and is an excellent team player. He has a passion for developing local capacity and mentoring through innovative approaches.


1. Gombe State Primary Health Care Development Agency
  • Dates of Employment: 23/04/2018 – 28/01/2021.
  • Unit/Department: Health System Strengthening/Development
  • Project: Nigeria State Health Investment Project (World Bank Funded PBF project)
  • Post/Job Title: Technical Officer
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Development of work plan (monthly, quarterly and annual) with corresponding budgets and ensure the execution of these plans;
    2. In close collaboration with the NPHCDA support the capacity building for the SPHCDA; PIU; HMB; SMOH; health centers and hospitals;
    3. Assist the CMVAs, the LGA-PHC departments and HMB in vetting the business plans
    4. Support the NPHCDA evaluation of the CMVAs and IVAs using the CMVA and IVA performance frameworks
    5. Analyze quarterly quantity and quality performance of PBF contracted HF’s
    6. Assist the SPHCDA in coordinating health interventions in primary health care
    7. Assist the HMB in coordinating health interventions in first level referral hospitals
2. Netherlands Leprosy Relief, Jos (Sub-Recipient of GFATM NFM TB Grant Supporting 9 States).
  • Dates of Employment: 04/07/2017 – 20/04/2018.
  • Post/Job Title: Medical Advisor
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Providing technical support to the State Ministry of Health through the medical officers working in the NLR supported TB control programmes and NLR supported health facilities in the Clinical and programmatic management of TB and TB/HIV co-infection, in accordance with national guidelines.
    2. Visiting the NLR supported state control programmes assigned to the Medical Adviser as often as the programme’s work plan require for supportive supervision, on-the-job training and mentoring to improve programme performance.
    3. Monitor the progress made in the activities financed by ARFH/GFATM, KNCV/TB Care, IHVN/GFATM and others, to report on these activities and to assist the states in the implementation of these activities;
    4. Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of TB and TB/HIV activities and play a part in the measures taken to strengthen the programme upon the evaluation results.
    5. Building the capacity of state and LGA teams in PMDT and especially in the shorter regimen and newer drugs.
3. Total Assist Healthcare, Romford, Essex UK
  • Dates of Employment: 03/06/2016 – 9/01/2017 (6 Months)
  • Post/Job Title: Social Care Assistant
  • Reason for Leaving: Desire to work for the betterment of my fellow compatriots in the developing countries of Africa
  • Responsibilities:
    1. As a member of the study team examining the delivery of public health interventions in neighbourhoods populated by ethnic minorities to assess social inequalities, conducted literature reviews through thorough database search strategies using PubMed, Medline, Global health, Embase, Google scholar etc
    2. As a member of the public health inspectorate teams, carried out inspections of various care homes and other social care residential facilities to ensure compliance with public health protocols
    3. Along with the statisticians and epidemiologists of various county councils, participated in the analysis and interpretation of large volumes of disease surveillance data
    4. Developing and delivering weekly assessment exercise to evaluate learning outcomes of public health interns working with the city of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC)
4. Gombe State Ministry of Health, Nigeria
  • Dates of Employment: 05/07/2012 – 12/08/2015 (3 Years, 1 Month)
  • Post/Job Title: Medical Officer of Health
  • Reason for leaving: Pursuit of further Education
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Actively involved in the provision of clinical services via a rotational posting system in the main clinical departments of Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, CIHP-supported HIV service unit/clinic and Public Health unit
    2. Developed and support programs to strengthen linkages and integration between sexual and reproductive health (SRH), Maternal and child Health (MNCH) services and HIV Programs by training staff on Focused Antenatal care (FANC), Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA), Emergency Obstetric and New Born Care
    3. Contributed to the development of reporting systems and implementation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for strengthening the health management information systems in the state ministry of health
    4. Assisted in the drafting of project proposals, developing strategies, project activities, work plans and budgets.
    5. Clinically assessed and staged every HIV confirmed client (including Adults and paediatrics) at enrolment and at each follow-up visit in the CIHP-supported HIV/AIDS clinic in the State Specialist Hospital in Gombe
    6. Ensured adherence to current guidelines and procedures in the clinical management of HIV/AIDS and PMTCT protocols in the facility
    7. Providing technical and programmatic support in relation to the clinical management of diseases of public health significance including HIV/AIDS, TB, and the major causes of maternal and child mortality in the state
5. Gombe State University, Nigeria
  • Dates of employment: 21/07/2011 – 05/07/2012 (1 Year)
  • Post/Job Title: University Health Officer
  • Reason for Leaving: Career Progression
  • Responsibilities:
    1. Designing and setting up of the healthcare system in the newly created university.
    2. Supervising the delivery of essential health services to the entire university community.
    3. Conducting outpatient consultations and ward rounds and attending to all emergencies in the university clinic.
    4. Organising routine medical screening for all newly admitted students annually.
    5. Developing and implementing strategies for health promotion and disease prevention in the university community
    6. Participated in health awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops and other activities for knowledge transfer and professional developments.
6. Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Nigeria
  • Dates of employment: 31/08/2009 – 03/07/2011 (2 years).
  • Post/Job Title: Intern and then Medical Officer subsequently.
  • Reason for Leaving: Expiration of Contract.
  • Responsibilities:
    1. As the first on-call doctor in the hospital responding to all major emergencies that were brought to the hospital.
    2. Participated in the triaging and referral of cases to appropriate units and departments.
    3. Involved in the provision of care to patients and participated in the conduct of surgical operations.
    4. Involved in the care of patients with HIV/AIDS and implementation of protocols for prevention of mother-child transmission of the virus.
    5. Participated in the collection of clinical data for research


  • Member of the organising committee for the 2nd North-East Economic Summit 2013 in Gombe. After the summit, the committee was further given the mandate to design a master plan for the implementation of the summit resolutions. A major outcome of that assignment resulted in the initiation of the North-East Development Commission bill that has been passed by the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Served as chairman of the organising committee for the Gombe State Medical Students Association health week 2008. During the week, public lectures, visitation to Prison and a medical outreach caravan to a rural area was conducted where free consultation, health education and drugs where distributed free to the people.
  • Served as group leader in a one-month rural community diagnosis programme in Gadagau Village of Giwa Local Government Area, Kaduna State. The field work included community needs assessment, research into the commonest causes of morbidity and mortality in the village, assessing access to and availability of health services in the community, etc.